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Spring 2018

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  1. Beatrice Show Jacket

    Beatrice Show Jacket

    High-contrast trim draws your eye to the shapely Beatrice jacket- great up close for showmanship but equally stunning across the arena. Learn More

    Regular Price: $469.98

    Special Price $279.92

  2. Virginia Show Vest

    Virginia Show Vest

    Yes, Virginia, there is a perfect western show vest! Richly embossed stretch velvet brings a touch of vintage glamor to your show presentation, and adds incredible comfort in classes from ranch horse to trail, pleasure to reining. Learn More

    Regular Price: $129.98

    Special Price $89.92

  3. Loren Jewelry Set - gold - studio

    Loren Jewelry Set

    Beautiful and versatile, our Loren choker set is the perfect finishing touch for dressy show garment necklines. Learn More
  4. Classy Stud Earrings

    Classy Stud Earrings

    Big and bold, these crystal earrings make a strong style statement paired with today's elaborate show fashions. Learn More
  5. Hoopla Jewelry Set

    Hoopla Jewelry Set

    Hoop it up in style with this on-trend show jewelry set! Learn More
  6. Anna Jewelry Set

    Anna Jewelry Set

    Perfectly petite crystal pendant and earrings in fashion colors adds elegance to any show ensemble. Learn More
  7. 2018 Inspiration Bangle

    2018 Inspiration Bangle

    Exquisitely crafted from spring steel with a brushed finish, our 2018 Inspiration bangles keep motivational reminders of your dreams close at hand throughout the day. Learn More
  8. Greeley Premium Hat

    Greeley Premium Hat

    Superb workmanship and deluxe materials place Hobby Horse's Greeley Premium western hat heads above the competition. This high quality hat will be made to order; please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery. Learn More

  9. Tiana Show Halter - Dark

    Tiana Show Halter - Dark

    Classic styling makes the Tiana Congress-style show halter from Kathy’s Show Equipment outstanding in the arena. Learn More

  10. Jacquard Wild Rag

    Jacquard Wild Rag

    Add Western flair to your look with our elegant pure silk brocade traditional wild rag scarves. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 21 total

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