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5 Steps to Choosing a Show Hat

By Hobby Horse Girl 3 years ago No comments

Choosing a western show hat can seem like a daunting task at first - after all, there are many sizes, styles and colors to consider. A high quality hat will last for years and will remain a staple of your show outfit for as long as you have it, so you'll want to choose wisely and be sure you're happy. At Hobby Horse, we pride ourselves on providing the best hats to complete your show pen look, so start here and follow these five easy steps to choosing a western show hat.

1. Get the Correct Size: Choosing a show hat should start with finding the correct size. After all, you need to be confident that the hat will not blow off during your run or shift during your pleasure classes. To measure your head, grab a cloth measuring tape and a friend. You'll want to measure the circumference of your head exactly where you would wear your hat. Measure twice to be sure that you get the same number. Take this number and find your favorite manufacturer's size chart, and choose your size based on their recommendations.

Western Breeze

2. Time to Decide: Straw vs. Felt? If you're wearing your hat for casual rides or only occasionally show in the summer, a straw hat such as our Western Breeze hat may be the best choice for you. Straws are more casual than felts, and will help keep you cool in summer heat. Judges generally find them acceptable in the show pen, though they are not the most traditional look. If you'll be showing more frequently, or year round, consider a felt hat. Felt hats are always considered correct in the show pen.

Western Pleasure

3. Pick Out Your Color: A black felt hat is more formal, will never go out of style and is appropriate for almost every class, but adding a little bit of color can make you stand out and complete the picture you've worked so hard to create. Lighter hats will draw attention to your face, while darker colors are more subtle. Whether you want a sand color, a darker brown, or white is a personal choice, but keep in mind when choosing a show hat color that lighter hats will be harder to keep clean. Western Pleasure

4. Don't Skimp on Quality: Higher quality hats will be more comfortable, hold their shape better, and generally last longer than a cheaper hat and save you money in the long run. Hobby Horse's Western Treasure hats offer a stylish combination of brim, build, sweatband and value and they're perfect for the show ring. Compare the fit and shape of Western Treasure hats to others on the market, and you'll come running back to pick one up! We also offer Western Pleasure hats that feature the styling and proportions of the Western Treasure hats, with a plain brim edge. You can also shop Hobby Horse for Youth and casual straw hats!

  • Medalist Helmet 5. Consider a Helmet: In recent years, there has been a major push to bring helmets into the Western show pen. Black velvethelmets like our Medalist Helmet offer an acceptable show look and meet top safety standards. After all, even the most well-broke horse can stumble and unseat its rider, and when gaming at speed, having extra protection for your head can be the difference between life and death after a fall. When you're choosing a show hat, don't write off helmets immediately.

  • Follow these simple tips when choosing a show hat and you'll be a knockout at your next show!