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Tips and Tricks to Make Your Horse Shine

By Hobby Horse Girl 3 years ago No comments

Horse Shine and Tail Enhancement Tips

After you brightened your look by adding crystals and silver to both you and your tack, having your horse shine is the next step. Naturally, this starts with a thorough bath, but we're focusing now on a few tricks to help get that just-bathed glow to last all day. Just after the bath, apply a show finish such as Pepi Show Coat Spray as directed on the bottle to help keep dirt from sticking to the coat. It's also fine to spray the horse down again with Pepi before you go in the show ring. There's no need to spray the face and sting their eyes or get them upset, as Pepi also has a gel highlighter that works well for their muzzle and around the eyes to give them that extra facial brilliance. For the mane and tail, using a shine and detangler like E3 detangler makes the mane and tail glisten in light.

Now let's get that tail enhancement looking just as fancy. Washing your tail enhancement with shampoo and detangler that you use on your horses is the best way to achieve a matching shine, and do this the day before your event to allow it dry. To install the enhancement, grab the tail below the dock, separate into two parts (top and bottom) and using a hair clip, secure the top layer away from where you will be working. Now grab a piece that is about the width of your thumb and start a braid. About two layers of the braid down, take one strand and loop it through the loop that is on the top of the enhancement and continue braiding your way for another inch or two down. Be careful that you do not braid up but braid down because you want it to lay flat with the rest of the hair. To add a little bit more stability you can take a piece of the natural hair below the braid about the same width as the one you used for the enhancement and lay it behind the braid and add a rubber band just below the addition of the tail enhancement. Now you can let down the top section of hair and fluff the tail with a body brush to let the hair in both the natural tail and the tail enhancement to meld creating a full tail.

Before you step into the show ring, add your glow gel to your horse's face and legs, a quick spray of your coat sheen and a quick spray over the mane and tail to complete the perfect shining outfit!