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4 Tips on How to Pick the Best Styles for the Show Ring

By Hobby Horse Girl 3 years ago No comments

We recently had the pleasure of talking to a judge that gave us insight as to what they are looking for when we're in the show ring. Here are a few tips that we learned from Jennifer Moshier to get that sought-after show ring look.

Tip #1 Makeup

Or, how to catch the judge's attention the right way.

When you're showing outdoors in beautiful natural light, make the most of it by wearing makeup that is light and fresh. It will not only promote your beautiful smile, it will also help keep your overall look as professional as possible.

In a big show stadium where there are bleachers and spectators and large arena lights shining from above as you are in your pleasure class, it's best to grab that contouring sponge, ladies! Bold makeup will really bring attention to your face, and won't otherwise be noticeable in the shadow of your hat. Judges like to see your face as part of a whole: the horse, clean tack, your outfit and most of all you as a rider.

Not wearing any makeup at all can make you appear washed out, or even look a little ill. So even if it's just a little bit of eyeshadow and a quick application of mascara, it could make or break your look in the show ring.

Tip #2 Colors

Or, how to best complement your horse.

Our friend Jennifer Moshier is a fan of the Hobby Horse color wheel. It has three different equine color categories and the fabric colors to best set them off.

Brunette Group: Bay, Black, white, gray and blue roan. These horses look great in bright, vibrant colors like blue, purple, pink and red.

Redhead Group: Chestnut, sorrel, liver chestnut, red roan and dun look best in soft earth tones like vanilla, buckskin, rust and chocolate.

Neutral Group: Buckskin, palomino and grulla look great in colors from both the brunette group and the redhead group. This also depends on their exact color and the rider's preference.

Hobby Hint: If you ride a horse in both color groups, consider wearing blue/green shades such as teal, deep greens, sage and turquoise are flattering for any rider. And what about black clothing? Black is a universal look that not only looks great on you but also looks great on any horse.

Tip #3 Fit

Or, how to look like a million bucks without spending it.

Unfortunately, all too many riders settle for a fit that's just not quite right, and clothing that is too tight or too loose could make your look fall apart in the show ring. If you are between sizes, or have something that fits perfectly except for that one-little-place - see a tailor! Usually for a fraction of the cost of the item - and much less than custom - a tailor or seamstress can nip and tuck to help the clothing fall in the most flattering manner and give you a look that's virtually indistinguishable from custom.

Tip #4 Accessorize

Or, how to make your outfit exactly right, for you.

From fabrics and trims, to gems that you can place yourself on your garment, our DIY Elements area has ways to make your show outfit distinctly yours. You can even dye your boots to match your outfit perfectly. What better way to stand out in the show ring and be proud of your accomplishments than having your own custom (made by you) show outfit!

Wishing you the best of luck at your next big show - pin that blue ribbon!