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Making Time to Ride

By Hobby Horse Girl 3 years ago No comments

'Tis the season when it can be harder than ever to find time to ride and bond with your horse, so now is a good time to consider ways you can make riding a priority. Here are some tips to help you make time for riding as the fall hustle and bustle descends.

  • CALENDAR High-achieving, high-capacity people use this trick to ensure that their needs and goals are met, especially with physical activity: they schedule an appointment with themselves. Using your smart phone's calendar, schedule your riding time in advance and even select “recurring event" for the day and time going forward. Smartphones also have the option of setting reminders for your appointments, which solidifies your commitment to make riding a priority, and makes it more likely you adhere to a set riding schedule.
  • GOALS Set goals for your riding career to challenge yourself when you do have time with your horse. Do you have a gate that you can practice opening and closing without getting off? Do you have a jump pattern that you can't seem to get just right? Is there a trail course set up that is challenging for both you and your horse? These are just some of the ways you can increase your focus while riding and keep things interesting for you and your horse.
  • FIRST OR LAST Does your barn have an indoor arena or floodlights in your outdoor arena? Riding either early in the morning or late at night can not only get that riding time in, but it can also help you relax and really enjoy peaceful time with your horse, especially as you may be the only one there (when alone, ride with your phone on your body).
  • BUDDY SYSTEM Make riding dates with barn friends for companionship, helping school each other, or simply to stay accountable. (“No matter how tired we are from work, we're riding!)
  • QUICK HIT Not every ride needs to be 30 minutes to an hour…four rides of 15 to 20 minutes spread throughout the week is far more beneficial than one ride of an hour. Make a plan on what you want to work on (probably on the drive to the barn or tacking up) then execute on that plan in the time you have.

Apply these tips to your horse life and watch the growth that both you and your horse will experience with consistent riding. Remember, horse time should be fun and engaging so that your time spent in the saddle doesn't seem like a chore. Happy riding!