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About Hobby Horse

Our Mission Statement is:

“To design, manufacture, and distribute products which enhance the consumer’s enjoyment of horses.”

Hobby Horse Clothing Company began with the dreams of a horse-crazy little girl whose mother was a sewing teacher. That mother taught her daughter to sew, and a wild profusion of costumes and accessories for a variety of Shetland ponies, 4-H horses, hunters, reiners, Paints, Quarter horses, and trail horses came from the attic sewing studio of the girl and her mom. They called the business Hobby Horse because horses were the girl’s hobby, and her passion.

The girl grew up, went to college, and had a son and many equestrian adventures as her business continued to grow. Originally the company specialized in horse blankets, but the demand for affordable, elegant, beautiful show apparel became apparent, and Hobby Horse’s Ready-to-Win show apparel concept was born.

Today, Hobby Horse is the largest supplier of western show apparel and related accessories in the world.

Suzi Vlietstra 2015

Suzi Vlietstra
Hobby Horse Founder

Thank you to all our customers and staff for a quarter-century of style and fun!