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Women's Jackets & Tunics

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  1. Beatrice Show Jacket

    Beatrice Show Jacket

    High-contrast trim draws your eye to the shapely Beatrice jacket- great up close for showmanship but equally stunning across the arena. Learn More

    Regular Price: $469.98

    Special Price $279.92

  2. Fancy Show Jacket

    Fancy Show Jacket

    The name says it all: this versatile show top is so fancy! Shapely bodice is covered with an elaborate pattern of matte and reflective sequins that swirl from hem to collar with glamor and grace. Add our exclusive Fanciful Saddle Blanket and Greeley Premium Hat for that custom look at a fraction of the cost! Learn More
    Price From:

    $199.92 - $289.98

  3. Meg Show Blazer

    Meg Show Blazer

    Tailored black Meg is cut in a slenderizing pattern that lengthens your silhouette and is ideal for halter presentations, driving, showmanship, judging... any time you need a timeless western-flavored blazer. Learn More

  4. Zelda Jacket, Black

    Zelda Show Jacket

    Slenderizing lines accented with sizzling silver sequins in an art deco motif make Zelda a stunning show jacket. Learn More

    Regular Price: $199.98

    Special Price $139.92

  5. Castiana Show Jacket

    Castiana Show Jacket

    Beyond brilliant in design and shine, Castiana is an outstanding Takeaway Ten style show jacket that does wonders for your figure. Learn More

    Regular Price: $199.98

    Special Price $89.98

  6. Arya Show Jacket

    Arya Show Jacket

    A modern mix of texture, shine, and trim tailoring combine in this show jacket to make a stylish statement. Learn More

    Regular Price: $199.98

    Special Price $94.98

  7. Rosabella Show Jacket

    Rosabella Show Jacket

    Gorgeous metallic lace roses in vivid colors are paired with slenderizing black Takeaway Ten stretch side panels to make a memorable show jacket. Learn More

    Regular Price: $199.98

    Special Price $92.98

  8. Petunia Show Jacket

    Petunia Show Jacket

    Shimmering and delicate colorful sequins in a subtle floral motif contrast against a black background in this subtle yet elegant show jacket. Learn More

  9. Margaux Show Jacket

    Margaux Show Jacket

    Stretch lace jacket is topped with pools of shimmering dark sequins, underlined by a featherweight stretch lining that keeps you comfortable all day long. Learn More

    Regular Price: $169.98

    Special Price $76.98

  10. Mira Jacket - Turquoise - Studio

    Mira Show Jacket

    Softly swaying vertical columns of tone-on-tone sequins bring elegance and shine to Mira, and they add a slenderizing vertical effect to this dressy show jacket too! Learn More
    Price From:

    $119.98 - $139.92

    Regular Price: $199.98

    Special Price Select Colors $139.92

Items 1 to 10 of 12 total

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