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Hobby Horse Winning Colors Color Wheel

Find Your Winning Colors

Use this chart to help you determine which colors are especially flattering on your horse. Find your horse’s primary coat color on the chart (redhead, brunette or neutral) then consider colors in the suggested ranges. For Appaloosas, Paints, Pintos and other horses with more than 50% body white, we suggest the colors on the bottom and left side of the color wheel. Preview your color ideas by draping a towel or other color sample over your horse, then stand across the arena to evaluate the look. Ask a friend to take photos or video to preview your color ideas. At shows find horses similar in color to yours, then see which outfits catch your eye.

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2019 Color of the Year

Versatile Charcoal is the perfect mix-n-match for pants, chaps, belts, and fashion tops!

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