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  • Fly Away Home

    Shu-Fly, don't bother me!

    The corrals are finally drying, and my arena has turned from a rock-hard lot to a soft and dusty horse play pen, with the help of the neighbor's tractor. In other words, it's spring.

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  • Happy Mothers Day!

    Ode to the Horse Show Mom

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  • Anchors and Keepsakes

    Suzi age 10 with her first training project, Dotty.

    Suzanne Vlietstra notices the anchors in her life - all the symbols and sounds that prompt memories of farm visits, horses, feeding time, and friends.

    Someone once told me about anchors: the experiences that hold us, like a ship, to a distant shore. Anchors can be tangible items - like keepsakes - but they can also be memories, scents, songs, and tastes that, once experienced, lodge in our souls and bind us fast to that first exposure whenever we encounter them again.

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  • Hobby Horse Product of the Week: Knotty Horse 7-in-1 Detangler

    Hobby Horse Product of the Week:

    Knotty Horse 7-in-1 Detangler

    Hobby Horse loves this new product from Knotty Horse: a premium hair care product formulated for horsemen by a showgirl who knows her stuff!


    Want to know more? Hobby Horse interviews Nicole Krakowski-Papandrea, founder of Knotty Horse Products, and Hobby Horse model:

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  • Women and Horses

    Suzi and her Haflinger Lia, 2017

    Like most of you, I was born with the horse-loving gene. Maybe they switched babies in the hospital because neither of my parents knew much- or cared much- about horses. Mom couldn’t tell a halter from a hackamore, although she bought me several of both over the years. Perhaps, like twins, being a horse nut skips a generation: my grandmother rode a horse to high school and, beneath her photo in the senior yearbook is the caption "Bounding Bertha: best to skip class and go riding with."

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  • Anitalena


    Here's Hobby Horse founder and president Suzi Vlietstra showing her APHA mare Anitalena in amateur reining at the APHA World show in about 2000.



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  • The Olde Hobby Horse Chap Workshoppe

    The Olde Hobby Horse Chap Workshoppe


    Here's a view of Hobby Horse Founder and President Suzi Vlietstra's chap workshop in Upland, California, from about 1984. Suzi's original workshop was in her mother's attic, but she moved Hobby Horse to a small business park during her college years, as shown here.

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  • Model Showcase: Savannah

     Suzi has been producing catalogs for 30 years! With that comes 30 years of models and horses. We love our Hobby Horse models and we're so lucky to have such great horses backgrounds of every breed and discipline.

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  • #tossbacktuesday


    About 1997 I decided to learn about reining. The sport was growing, I'd been able to watch some top-level competition at the NRHA Futurity for inspiration, and it looked like fun!

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  • #tossbacktuesday


    For this weeks #tossbacktuesday, we chose this photo and asked our President and Founder, Suzi Vlietstra, to tell us a little bit about it! Here's what she had to say:

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