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  1. Scottsdale Show Headstall

    Scottsdale Show Headstall

    Trendy boxed silverplate cheeks with matching buckles and tube ears show your style in the Scottsdale show headstall. Learn More
    Price From:

    $449.98 - $469.98

  2. Tiana Show Halter - Dark

    Tiana Show Halter - Dark

    Classic styling makes the Tiana Congress-style show halter from Kathy’s Show Equipment outstanding in the arena. Learn More

  3. Bodie Show Headstall

    Bodie Show Headstall

    Quality leather and sterling silverplate trim make Bodie a popular show headstall. Learn More

  4. Paseo Show Headstall

    Paseo Show Headstall

    Gold and silverplate trim top carefully shaped leather in a double-ear show headstall. Learn More

  5. Fanciful Saddle Blanket - Aubergine

    Fanciful Saddle Blanket

    Designed to pair perfectly with our Fancy Show Jacket, this large hand-woven show blanket creates a custom look suitable for the highest levels of competition. PLEASE ALLOW 2-4 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY.

    Learn More

  6. Tack, Amarillo Cross-Crown Headstall, Natural

    Amarillo Cross-Crown Show Headstall - Natural

    Delicate rolled leather with barrel-shaped silverplate ferrules and buckle/loop/tip sets complement the finest horse's head. Cross-Crown comfort ears sport miniature buckle sets to match cheeks. Handcrafted from natural leather. Horse size. Learn More

    Regular Price: $329.98

    Special Price $199.98

  7. HH Premium Saddle Blanket

    HH Premium Saddle Blanket

    Elaborate in design and elegant in hue, Hobby Horse's exclusive new Premium show blankets blend a full 8 pounds of 100% New Zealand wool with the best in skilled weaving techniques. Learn More

  8. Tooled English Girth

    Tooled English Girth

    Beautiful combination of western and English design in this contoured traditional girth made with tooled western buckle ends and overlay. Learn More

    Regular Price: $188.98

    Special Price $129.98

  9. Quill Saddle Blanket

    Quill Saddle Blanket

    Center Back 100% wool Saddle Blankets feature traditional designs interpreted in modern colors to accent today's show apparel. Learn More

    Regular Price: $149.98

    Special Price $89.98

  10. Georgia Show Saddle Blanket

    Georgia Show Saddle Blanket

    Make a stylish statement by coordinating your show outfit with the perfect saddle blanket. Blankets are the visual key to tying you and your horse together as a team. Learn More


Items 1 to 10 of 44 total

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